Humanized design improve the competitive power of bathroom brand

u-bath 6003 spa supplies

u-bath 6003 spa supplies

Through Twenty years of development, bathroom products are increasingly rich, but the enterprise in innovation, technology and R & D capabilities and other aspects still exist many deficiencies. In product development, the use of “learning, imitation” means, the real meaning of the original is a little less. In terms of product structure, most enterprises are not aware of the importance of improving the product system. The future, sanitary enterprises want to lead the pack, it must be on the existing basis, continue to seek a breakthrough.To make the product more humane, the most consistent with consumer appetite
Although sanitary industry performance in in recent years more and more optimistic, but the industry still there are a lot of serious homogenization, similar don’t and the extreme lack of complete sets of products such as, the restriction factors will still be affecting the industry ahead of the biggest bottleneck. Respect for the original design is the voice of all industries, but to achieve the real original is very difficult, most of the design is actually on the original basis for modification. To make the product more humane, is the most consistent with consumer appetite.

According to the advantages of their own enterprises to effectively integrate resources
Throughout the bathroom industry status quo, we can find whether the perfect product system has been considered a brand can achieve the key to the end customer service. Although many companies have become more and more deeply aware of, complete product line style perfect, product line rich, different series of product style and color mix of diverse elements is a key factor to influence the brand should not be overlooked, but fall into practice, very few have enterprises to truly based on their own advantages, the effective integration of resources, providing differentiated product portfolio for different consumer groups.

We lamented the revolution of the earth shaking changes at the same time, whether it should ponder the bathroom industry existing problems, from China sanitary ware to the bathroom the world distance and how far? Now to obtain the success in the international market maybe is just the tip of the iceberg, sanitary enterprises in the face of these results must guard against arrogance and rashness, only a rainy day, continue to make breakthroughs, in order to successfully deal with the future of the industry of many challenges.

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Bathroom design integrated with new technology to win the market elements

Recently, New York building designers DIY design 30 chandelier, are pasted with cutting paper after different, such as maps, phone books, novels, magazines and so on different paper, modelling is very bright. Now, the industry has gradually increasing product design input, sanitary industry is no exception.

At present, in the bathroom space fusion examples meet the eye everywhere. With television function surfing bathtub, faucet, shower screen music, and some human pyroelectric infrared sensor device, used in the night can play the function of automatic lighting products is also very attract the attention of consumers. With the development of science and technology, offbeat space bathroom has shower functions from simple to relax, enjoy.

Creative thinking in industrial design training camp
R & D is the golden key to open the door of the future development of the brand, while domestic Chuwei products homogenization problem is serious, Chuwei enterprise R & D management lack of strategic thinking of design. Kitchen engineering committee Chinese Building Decoration Association together with the Tsinghua University in mid 2013 co sponsored a period of 3 months China Chuwei industry leader in the creative training camp. It is reported, this training camp for kitchen tailored around business leaders, “the power of design” and “opportunity and change the” two major themes inspired teaching, industry executives on the industrial design and enhance the kitchen & bath products strategic planning capability.

Personalized products, enterprises to win the market
Sanitary ware products is always by the process designers to design, but with the development of the design industry, more and more people to join the. And now many designers have a tendency to bathroom space design, All flowers bloom together. under the integration of a variety of ideas, the collision between different design ideas, I believe the future will be more personalized bathroom products.

In addition, with the improvement of people’s living standard, ceramic sanitary products, more and more Chinese people attach importance to ceramic sanitary products, consumers are increasingly critical. In the era of brand competition, only to achieve a unified brand value of the enterprise, in order to further meet the needs of customers, to realize the benign interaction between consumers and. In the brand concentration degree is low, product homogenization serious situation of the industry, the enterprise should pay more attention to product R & D design and production control standards, with the brand characteristics of their own to win the market.


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Internet bathroom market will expand

November 11 “Singles “, which is popular among young people in this sought after alternative festivals, businesses in recent years been build into a 24-hour shopping carnival. Last day of the two-eleven , sanitary products Lynx net turnover of up to 410 million , and this year two- eleven day, the bathroom industry also ranked the forefront of the transaction list , accounting for 35% of total turnover .

Two consecutive years of “double- eleven ” online shopping carnival , the sanitary industry sales results for all to see . So , this year, many businesses in the e-commerce platform bathroom big fight promotion, trying to seize this critical juncture children to enhance product sales. Reporters found that the net sales of sanitary products price really cheap, but affordable if you buy something really gratifying , but if the model or to buy back shoddy feel inappropriate , it will bring a lot of trouble to consumers –

1 bathroom brand online promotional hot

Dual eleven year before and the day of the festival , various online shopping websites bathroom brand flagship stores are gearing up full of plans . Reporters noted that in this year’s Double Ten network share before starting DPSW began early pre-sale promotion, part of the toilet , bathroom cabinets, shower and other product price by nearly 50 percent , ahead of the flagship stores open pre-sale.

According DPSW relevant person in charge of marketing , because consumers based on past experience , in the day of two-eleven to buy products , logistics often takes time to ten days or even longer , so DPSW advance presale , avoid logistics peak. And another bathroom brands – Huayi bathroom , then played during the event , ” the audience full 1111 yuan up by 111 yuan , 11 yuan spike activity daily limit places for 111 people, 21 October to 1 November to buy 111 yuan presale tickets, capable of reaching up to 1,000 yuan in cash “and other slogans . To attract tourists, not only the price of these large bathroom brand promotion, sweepstakes also prepared a rich program , described as promotional hot.

Reporters interviewed several well-known sanitary ware brand ‘s flagship store after customer found that many traditional sales channels based sanitary brand , in the last couple of years have opened an online flagship store. For example jiumu bathroom , brilliant plumbing, sanitary and other traditional Wrigley known brands , the network ‘s flagship store opened earlier this year during the two-eleven , eleven double promotional activities to participate in the network . And in just 24 hours , some of the main push of the brand sanitary toilet , shower room, bathroom cabinet and other network marketing models bulky products , has achieved impressive sales performance.

Jiumu sanitary staff said that at present more and more domestic enterprises began to test the water and electricity providers bathroom , compared with the next line trading , online trading has obvious advantages. On the one hand , with the change of people’s living standards and consumer perception , more and more people began to accept online shopping, but on the other hand , online shopping is more convenient compared to the traditional way to buy and cheap. Therefore, the future many companies will have their own bathroom shop regularly or irregularly online launch special offers to win consumer recognition.

2 bathroom products online selling

Dual eleven autumn and early winter season comes during the renovation of bathroom products is this part of the mainstream products purchased by consumers during a series of promotional activities and therefore very popular with consumer recognition.

Faenza purchased a faucet on the Lynx Taiyuan public Miss Ren told reporters: ” I ​​saw this faucet for a long time , similar models sold for two hundred dollars in the store , and during the two- day cat as long as eleven 100 yuan can buy , the price is really cheap , but not too many such opportunities must constantly refresh the zero time to grab , grab earned on it . “

Another online shopping and public baths Wang said: “For most consumers, the market for home building is not very understanding , directly to the store to buy when the sales staff will often be fooled hype if purchased online . buyers and sellers to communicate through Ali Want for buyers, this communication will be a lot of rational, not easy to be fooled , where there is one of the biggest benefits that can understand very well between the characteristics of each product and brand difference , especially in the price easier to find contrast , when there are so selected reference range , so more and more people began to accept online shopping . “

Many consumers believe that , because the bathroom brand comparison shopping site complete bathroom accessories selective online shopping is more and more . If you are buying in the brand ‘s flagship store , the quality is generally not a problem . But after all, not live trading , consumers need to know before you buy a clear brand and quality, specifications , it is best to consider the price in the grade , after all, a price of a stock , if the price is too low for the quality can not be guaranteed . In addition, some of the big brands of bathroom accessories , some brands Bathroom suppliers are no network of sales channels , so before you buy should be more understanding of some of the network channels which brands are more reliable choice when doing targeted relatively strong .

3 easy transaction risk behind

Recently, consumers have claimed, spent more than 7,000 yuan to buy a certain brand in the online bath products , after receipt of the goods found shoddy goods are fake and shoddy products. If consumers encounter such cases , replacement, return procedures are complicated , and have actually wasted time and energy consumers .

Although you can purchase homes to affordable sanitary products, especially for some busy urban white-collar workers , greatly improving the efficiency of shopping . However , after all, not face to face online transactions , only with pictures and some text description about product performance , see the real products , naturally gave the transaction conceals some hidden dangers . Therefore, consumers need to consider thoroughly before placing an order , to avoid introducing business “trap .”

A certain brand of sanitary official said , first of all, online shopping may exist many problems in logistics . Have occurred due to the large number of orders , some businesses not timely delivery , or purchase a product A courier delivering the product is B , then a few days or useless products on the problem so that sort of problem . This is the network of contacts in the industry to the bathroom a lot of these actions , but one of the reasons for unsatisfactory development . Second, consumers should consider the installation and transportation problems, after all, buy bathroom accessories are not available through the network installation services , taking into account the need to install , the installation process is best prepared in advance to avoid after the purchase can not be installed problems. In addition , sanitary products as anti- consumer goods , quality is one of the most valued products . Although online products a lot cheaper than the store price , but the quality can not be guaranteed . Consumers need to buy sanitary products before to learn more about some of the expertise to fully understand the material and quality parameters related products, and ask for a certificate at the time of purchase.

And a lot of reporters in the investigation after the flagship store bathroom found Nevertheless, many enterprises in order to increase sales brand of Spa and hot tub, also established a complete self- service system , so anytime is responsible for the consumer to buy the product , and continue to improve production technology to ensure product quality, do not want to lose the impulse sales and consumer trust.

Industry : Net sales of sanitary ware market share will expand

Although many consumers believe that the ease of online shopping bathroom with Debu , but sanitary products sold twice rushed Lynx “double- October” sales chart shows that this network is still a lot of decoration options manner recognized by customers . New houses being renovated Mr Li told reporters: ” Online shopping really save time and money , from the selection, ask , and then face the computer to complete payment is not the only worry is that the goods have not yet received a few advance payment . thousand dollars of money ” and this issue has become a recognized industry development bottleneck. For this reason enterprises have gradually improved the improvement.

For sanitary enterprises, able to provide consumers with targeted, personalized prominent product is a powerful way to win online shopping population , to make more consumer acceptance of online shopping patterns , sanitary enterprises must be how to highlight the advantages of e-commerce work hard, from the final elimination . With the development of online shopping itself gradually mature , bathroom involves ordering , size, texture, and, most important product sale, sale problems will gradually be united brand businesses gradually improved. Future bathroom market , traditional store -based sales model will still be , but as a secondary form of online marketing sales , will also occupy a growing share of the market .

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Can crazy expansion bring much profit for the bathroom enterprises?

Some new products appear in the market immediately caused a comprehensive follow the trend, especially in the area of product reached over saturated condition to form a copycat effect the whole area in some areas. These Bathroom suppliers to take follow strategy can not only increase the number of products, but also directly on the crazy expansion of production lines, and has also invested heavily in building production line, this approach is very risky, sanitary ceramics enterprises do nothing but is want to make a big and has short, but in fact it is worth it? Whether the enterprise do a survey of work related? Expansion spree can really bring much profit?

Like Sichuan some Spa and hot tub area will appear this kind of circumstance, some local enterprises with the expansion of production line, making a large number of similar goods between the market temporarily, enterprise no planning, is valued by the short-term interests, such as production can produce what effect?

Therefore we must seize the long-term perspective, consider the market at present the overall situation, not only see themselves and ignore the market situation, then it will only lead to a dead end results. So that must be the overall number of investigation on the market of this product, other local companies also started the production of such products, the other companies also the expansion of production lines. So the budget the daily production line can produce as many, if it can be mass production of these products, if not cost-effective it should not do production line expansion but increase the amount of.

We must consider these products in the future on the market prices, not because of this product in the now more popular in the future is also very popular, but because this price changes with the change of the product, if the number of products increases so the price will certainly show decreased, especially the number of products greatly exceeds the demand quantity, so does not fall to blame. But many enterprises have not considered these things.

If even the most basic thing is not considered and blind production, it will make the enterprise into a high risk. So be sure to keep the overall situation clear up first, then all the risk into account. Product sales plan in our long production time, at this time inside the material will increase and so on, the wages of staff and how to wait, so consider things must pay attention to the changes. So that it can bring the risk to resolve, Bathroom spas enterprises must not take into account the interests of long-term development.

Sanitary standard keep away from bacteria and create fresh

Bathroom walls with some color prominent tile decoration, to maintain its clean and bright, can use function to dirty cream clean. For ceramic tile aperture, can be the first to use toothbrush dipped in a little to dirty cream descaling, again in the gap with a brush to brush a waterproof agent. So not only can prevent seepage, but also prevent the growth of mold, to create a warm and healthy environment for the whole bathroom space.
Use the bath if properly maintained, can not only prolong the bath life, can keep bright appearance.

Do every week cleaning bath tub, to keep dry after use; use neutral liquid detergent and good sponge or soft cloth to clean the tub, avoid the use of containing abrasive, strong acid or alkaline cleaning products will not metal items in the bathtub, they will rust and stain the surface. For the care of chrome plating, use clean cloth to wipe polishing wax chrome plating chrome plating surface wipe clean with cloth stained with a little, do not use rough surface cleaning.

Home furnishing in the toilet products – the toilet after using a period of time, there will be some dirt and stain, if not its cleaning and maintenance, it will only affect people’s daily sanitary life, so it can be put into the right amount of water in the toilet with the toilet brush, wash again, pour about 5 ~ 10 ml of cleaner or HCl solution, scrub with a brush evenly, such as dirt heavier, can pour a little detergent after soaking scrub, until clean, then rinse with clean water.

Bathroom cabinet has developed rapidly in recent years to occupy a larger market share bathroom market, but a lot of friends on the bathroom cabinet maintenance is not familiar with, we introduce some simple and easy method

  • 1, such as dust, dirt, soft materials (such as sponge) with suggestions with neutral detergent wipe, lest scratch, corrosion cabinet.
  • 2, avoid the front beat basin cabinet, prevent body deformation.
  • 3, avoid long time exposure to the sun and chemical solvent corrosive contact.
  • 4, ceramic under counter basin long time use of grease and dirt easily accumulate, can use a slice of lemon, wash Sassafras under counter basin surface, wait a minute and then rinse with clean water, can become bright. If stubborn stains, safe bleach glass bottles, poured into about 20 minutes after the wash erosion, use a towel or sponge to clean, reoccupy clear water wash can be.
  • 5, stainless steel cleaning, the main water or detergent can, simple and quick.
  • 6, often do the cleaning in accordance with the cleaning method above for under counter basin, remember not to use 100 clean cloth, sand powder or stainless steel ball rub under counter basin surface, keep the surface smooth.
  • 7, under counter basin bracket is easy to damp, and even the emergence of “floating embroidery”, “mildew”, be used in toothpaste, rust water, and clean.


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Ceramic Sanitary Ware enterprises has entered the export situation confusing period

Why are multiple global markets to imports and bathroom products to policy restrictions? Reason is the current global economic growth speed has appear obvious slow, in particular the European Union economic into the A is difficult position, than in 2008 period the situation more dangerous, therefore in this situation the European Union taken extreme sexual practices limit foreign ceramic bathroom products effects of the European Union market, but this initiatives and no to the European Union economic bring in fact help, because the European Union own economic system has be the bucket, vulnerable, even if in China ceramic bathroom products no into the European Union market, so the European Union market still is E.

In China bathroom enterprise in global restrictive import policy effects of, the appear in the history of the most serious lost period, in this during the export enterprise appear significantly sales decline in situation, although in the first half of the entire bathroom industry bright data cover, this class problem no Be serious concern, but in fact export data significantly decline in also for China bathroom enterprise mention a wake up, the second half of of not must be to continue the first half of strong, in particular experience in june or july or august bathroom industry dismal period, so the second half of bathroom industry sales sure a little Johnson the first half of, besides, consumers General in.

Domestic sanitary ware industry’s most powerful of Foshan, Guangdong Province established dance troupes, such as in Chaozhou has been a significant fall in exports, and this trend still continues, with a growing number of countries have begun to take a restrictive manner, and sanitary ceramics enterprises with regard to export production in the second half must have fallen will also appear.In particular, the European Union, the United States, Russia and other major markets has made it hard for Chinese companies have made good profits, with two Brazil and Argentina in South America to stand up the bandwagon, it’s not for China sanitary ware enterprises have a greater impact on you?

In such circumstances, China sanitary ware exporters also in some emerging markets open certain situations, but many countries have ramped up anti – dumping around the slogan to restrict imports, like Japan, South Korea, India, Pakistan, and so on, so Chinese ceramic sanitary ware enterprises must upgrade to a change in the pattern of export – dependent heavy influence to actually get rid of export.


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Multifunctional bathroom products flooding the bathroom or the market as a whole into a new fashion

Hear industry joke ” Toilet can fish “, ” hot tub can call ” and ” shower massage room, ” and so on these new concepts, sanitary product performance multi – function, again and again to talk about after dinner.Recently, we know from the market, and the enterprise product is multi – function doesn’t seem to match, the major products terminal sales is not ideal.

Enterprise: multifunctional product market
We visited some three professional market, in the bathroom showrooms, bathroom products are packed with multi – function and enterprise key object of the display and promotion.For example, in the Monalisa bathroom hall in the, set surf, and radio, and phone, and temperature deployment one big cylinder, placed in hall the door, be the hall start exhibits in near south the Greek Cypriot bathroom Hall, shopping member The TO we focus recommended laundry function bathroom cabinet some professional production seat for the manufacturers also enthusiasm to we introduced its set disinfection, and massage, and go liquid such as a variety of Function one products.According to the Oxo Gallery manager Tan power, multi – function product, is it?

Market: there is still a certain gap between the internal market and abroad
Bathroom showrooms Zhuang jinying Mona Lisa tells us that the multi – function product is expensive, a laundry machine attached bathroom cabinets price of nearly $Mona Lisa bathroom showroom staff told us that their VAT price of $more than 60,000.Introduction to respect the shopper He Xiang inside a set of massage and disinfection shower room sales, the music features such as integration, said that now these products to see a lot of people buy fewer people.

When we visited a dozen bathroom showroom was informed that the enterprise is not uncommon to encounter a similar situation. Introduction to the industry than similar foreign products, low prices of domestic products, but sales compared to foreign brands, there are four main reasons.One is the family of small bathroom space, multi-functional large volume of product, some products can only be sold to a limited number of high-end customer base, while the other groups has few supporters.Second, it is now popular family for the high price of consumption of luxury goods, to be improving in spending power, psychology. The third is the diversification of product features, also prompted consumers to quality, energy consumption, security side

Overseas: People have a lot of mistakes on Chinese goods
Not only in the domestic market, bathroom products lack of high-end consumer groups in China, overseas sales also not optimistic. ” In the European and American markets, consumers face value that China sanitary ware products of low quality at low prices, hard for my halls “, China Ceramic City plumbing business, according to Tang Guodao, in China sanitary ware products from abroad set up trade barriers to prevent Chinese products in Europe and the ” market “.In addition, consumers know there is a large deviation for Chinese products abroad and even misunderstandings, directly affected the sales of Chinese ceramics products in the local.In fact, excellent bathroom brand products in China, whether the appearance of Streamlined design,

Trend: multi – purpose would rise technology gold content
According to analysis by relevant experts in the industry, while multi-functional product design, consumption, marketing and business expectations also exist on certain gap, rest more on the concept, but it surely is one of the industry trends.New Era has given new cultural connotation of bathroom products, such as from a previous single purpose to decorative and versatility combined with the road. Modern bathroom to give the consumer bathroom bath, health, leisure, entertainment, home, fashion, and other various functions, therefore in the process of multi – level consumer demands are met, the bathroom features of the product design and development and technology, is certainly worthwhile and positive, on improving the technology of sanitary ware products.

Tang guodao said, modern bathroom design not just resolve bathroom products appearance Streamline, and built-in space and the human learn curve space application, the same time including function and technology design, even IS WILL personalized bathroom products design and family health life demand supporting set, and function design and architecture thaw for one, from sanitary ware to Accessories, from bathroom space the top, and wall, and color, and space atmosphere create a such as design and construction, and And all bathroom products Any a item products design into style unified the overall resolve programme, for different personality, and different level, and different demand consumers tailored made set bath, and leisure, and Health.

The Future: The whole bathroom or in a new fashion
Fangyuan Group designers xiaoqing Wang told us that means as the service continues to improve, more and more industry foresight from the design of bathroom space for customers to select bath products, and then to the atmosphere such as creating a ” whole bathroom solutions “.From the computer, steam room, massage bathtub, bathroom cabinets, bathroom mirror, toilet, wash basin, bidet, hardware and fittings for sanitary products matching and selection, or even ” tailored ” — consumers to the overall layout of the bathroom space decoration design, functionality, configuration, create a specific atmosphere integrated requirements and standards.To achieve the double pleasure from life to spiritual enjoyment.


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Monalisa new lauched outdoor luxury hot tub/ jacuzzi with factory direct price

M-3371  2013414165253382


Monalisa spa tub M-3371
Rated Voltage: AC 220V / 110V
Heater horsepower:2000W
Rated Frequency: LF50HZ/ 60HZ
Bottom Lamp Horsepower: 3W
Control Circuit Voltage: DC12V
Product size: 2100*1580*800MM
Water pump horsepower: 2HP
Packing size: 2100*1680*900MM

Water pump(2HP):  1pc
3 inch jets:  4pcs
Paper element filter: 1pc
2 inch jets:  10 pcs
USA Ozone-sterilization: 1pc
Bottom light(3W):   1pc
USA Heater(2KW): 1pcs
Water pipe & valve: 1batch
Plastic hem:1set
Outlet valve switch at hem: 1pc
Cover: 1pc
Control panel: 1pcs
small LED light:  12pcs

1.  Heating system
5.  Circulating filtration system
2.  illumination system
6.  Ozone disinfection system
3.  massage jet system
7.  Computer control panel

Product from:
For more products, please visit:


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Home selection of Bath stone and cleaning and maintenance

With the continuous improvement of people’s standard of living, people and the pursuit of luxury in home decoration decorative effect of high – grade, and extensive use of natural stone in the home improvement has become a fashion, and has been gradually extended to the scope of its application in the bathroom and bathroom decoration.

Selection of Bath stone

Because the concept of home owners preferences are different, and with the diversity and variety of colors and textures of the stone ever – changing, bath stone in the color of the material used is very wide, including marble, limestone, granite, sandstone, Slate, Shi yingshi, and more.But usually is used by stone marble and granite bathroom. ( But now as a result of growing worry about granite radioactive, the use of granite has already started to reduce.

Now, people tend to use plain or solid color or texture of a simple stone decorated bathroom floors and walls, decorated with rich texture of marble to sink the surface, it would add to the bathroom a few elegant atmosphere.

Or re – crystallization of marble is also called metamorphism of limestone. Real marble is a metamorphic rocks of the solutions of stone, and has a crystal structure. Marble is mostly limestone geological changes derived, its main ingredient is calcite and calcium carbonate, skin hardness value of 4.5 per cent.So the drawback is the relatively soft, acid and alkali, poor resistance to weathering, easily absorb liquids such as oil, water pollution, are vulnerable to scratches, no abrasion resistance, and almost all with acid and alkali cleaning of Jing and stains will hurt on the marble, the length of stay a little longer, damage the marble lost their luster.

So the selection of material in the marble bathroom use of a hard, high density, try to avoid using materials of the soft, high water absorption of marble.The marble bathroom is best to choose a polished surface processing, and protection treatment before it is used to do first, so you can better protect the stone, it is easy to clean, and marble paving for paving uses the vertical plane.Light colored stone withstand mild soap and water pollution than dark stone stronger, so is not recommended to use the bathroom and bathroom black marble and serpentine green, so that the possibility of a relatively small number of stone surfaces contaminated.

Bath stone cleaning and maintenance

Natural Stone is a kind of natural beauty, unique in the texture of high – grade decoration materials, the look of natural stone and dense texture and hardness, however, due to its diversity of natural and mineral structure, as well as the stone itself has many flaws and problems, in fact, natural stone is a very sturdy.Laying of natural stone not only need to install and use caution when, and in everyday use, more attention to the well-tended and maintenance.

Due to the bathroom and bathroom of the special environmental conditions, the water more, humidity, mold more than dirt, but also in regular contact with detergents and other chemicals, so bath stone is very vulnerable to pollution, once poor maintenance, the stone material surface will be subject to corrosion, became somber, even spot color line.

So in our daily lives, to be careful not to use hair products containing dyes, do not use soaps and shampoos containing artificial coloring, and does not use acidic or alkaline washing products, should be neutral detergent to clean the surface, as far as possible, the stone material surface drying, contaminants on the surface of a stone to immediately wipe clean, and so on.

Maintenance points of Bath stone

1. Confirm that the soft hardness of water quality.

In the course of daily life and stone maintenance to make use of soft water. Because of hard water on the left on the stone surface sediments, which makes color darkens the surface sediments and will react chemically with the stone surface.Because of the need to clear these sediments using chemical products. At the same time remove the dirt, chemicals has also been damaged by stones.

2. Use the permeability of stone Protection Agent stone.

In order to reduce the rate of water absorption of stone to reduce the extent of sediment and stone bond, using the permeability of protecting agent for stones is the best way. Before To install the stone It is best to make the following two types of protection : a first internal protection of stone, that is, using silicone resin solvent permeability for protection, minimizing water absorption and the second is the Surface protection of stone, that is waterproof and properties of fluorine – containing polymers to reduce mineral sediments and Acidic or alkaline stains such as soap and water damage to the stone(outdoor gazebo).

3. After each use of the bathroom to clean up the surface of the stone in time.

Clean, to wash At the same time targeted According to the specific situations to clean up, that is, according to the varieties of stone, with a main source of pollution to the environment, select the appropriate cleaning agents and cleaning methods.If you do not know the specific circumstances and blind use detergent will cause stone damage, deterioration, such as yellow, a generic black different consequences.

4. Polished marble surfaces on a regular basis

After a period of time after use, if the marble surface color darkens, or even serious damage, vanishing surface gloss. This can in fact be polishing compound with liquids ( polishing powder and polishing slurry ) to make your own cleaning ( DIY ) polishing.Or choose a professional is to help the conservation of polished marble conservation company. It is best to use for some time to get, usually once a year, don’t wait until the stone polishing maintenance severely damaged.

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